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Trading Platform

We are a live Forex Signals provider, therefore we require live action from our subscribers.  Therefore we showcase all our work on the MetaTrader Mobile App, as research shows that this is the most frequently used app to trade Forex currencies.

To download the MetaTrader trading platform app, just tap on one of the the links below:




Forex Signals to be sent out on Telegram. We are a growing company and find that Telegram is the best option as others apps put limitations on growth and we do not believe in any limitations at all. This is Forex For Africa for fucks sakes.

To download the Telegram trading app, tap on one of the links below:



Full Transparency 

We believe the proof is in the pudding.

There is no such thing as having zero losses. The objective is to become rich, not blow accounts. Limit your losses. Take your profits. Don't be a greedy bastard. You can achieve success with the right attitude and patience. 

This is not a fucking game. Every $ counts. If you have $200 in your account, then trade like you have $200 in your account. Even if you progressively make 10% monthly (only 20 bucks in this case). You will be a millionaire in 15 years. But it won't take that long so calm down. Subscribe to our service. It will be the best decision you'll ever make. It's $99/year anyways; a small price to pay to never have to think again in your life and still be rich. 

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How To Subsrcibe?

If you were paying attention, you would be aware that there's a subscription fee of just $99/year. 

Now what's $99/year for a lifetime investment? We will make you make money! You can tell yourself that working a 9-5 is enjoyable. You can tell yourself that you like having a boss. But don't fucking lie and say that you can't come up with 100 bucks. That's being a cheapskate. We promote the opposite of cheap; We promote wealth and richness!

So what do you get in the subscription? We keep it simple. We look for the trades and post our live trades as signals to our subscribers. We've been making money, so just follow along and you will make money too. Of course you will have to decide on your own lot size but it will be easy to calculate in accordance to the account we use.

Basically if we have an account using $15,000 and your account is $150,000. Hypothetically, if we trade 2.00 lot size, you should trade 20.00 lot size; Similarly, if your account has $150, you should trade 0.01 lot size.

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